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Interested in covering one or two concepts? 
Check out these game-ified resources that bring the science of vaccinesdisease spread, and the immune system to life! 


Bean Bug Toss 
Facing bad germs is a big challenge–luckily, your body has evolved many methods to protect itself. In this game,
learners will play as the bad germ trying to overwhelm the physical barriers of the innate immune system.


Snot Rocket 
How can we protect ourselves and those around us? Participate in an exploration into the effectiveness of different ways to cover your nose and mouth to help reduce the spread of communicable disease. 


m-Ask Questions 
How can we be sure that masks are doing the trick? Put them to the test with this quick experiment showing how masks impact air flow and help slow the spread of germs.  



Looking to cover several concepts?
Check out these full-length programs designed to occupy one or more classroom periods!


We’re Game for Immunity
This board game follows the life of a character trying to navigate the complex world of health and wellness. At each new board tile, the character will face a challenge from needle fears to social media misinformation. Together, the players must decide on a strategy to overcome these challenges.




Germ Jamboree 
This presenter-led show brings kids and teens through the basics of the cascade of an immune response, from initial breach to pathogen destruction. From eyelashes to “eating” cells, participants will get the chance to see first-hand how our body defends itself and learn the role vaccines play in helping the body deal with these tiny threats.



Prefer to have one of our educators do the explaining?
Check out these video resources, with an associated activity designed to solidify understanding and further engage your learners.


NIAW video series  
This video series brings the viewer through the basics of immunology and vaccinology
while also providing corresponding activities to solidify their learning.

What Are Vaccines?


Que Sont les Vaccins?



How Do Vaccines Work?


Comment les Vaccins Fonctionnent-Ils?


How Can I Make Vaccination Day Easier? 
Want to feel more confident going into immunization day?
Learn how with Natalie, our 
Senior Health Science Educator– the results may just surprise you!


Comment Rendre la Journée de Vaccination Plus Facile?